For the last three years and now comming out of the pandemic lock downs and political upheaval…. we are now seeing an incredible acceleration of biblical prophecy.
Everyone likes to blame Satan or blame the Chinese…. Lol…. there is no one to blame except ourselves and our self centered prosperity idolatry, and stiffnecked unrepentant attitude.
Everything that happens, is for a divine purpose.

So today I have chosen a subject fitting for the time in which we live.
In this lesson, I hope and pray these people who teach the Apostle Paul, to actually be a false apostle….. I seriously pray they get divine understanding as we see in Revelation, confirmation through the Jewish Apostle Yochanan/ John…..
Because these 7 congregations WERE NOT Jewish or Hebrew.

I want everyone to understand what Messiah said when He said a house divided will not stand !

Enjoy the teaching


” Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the congregations.”
Revelation 3 verse 22

Amidst all the difficult imagery in revelation are 7 letters to 7 congregations scattered across Asia Minor. Each letter begins with an incredible description of Yeshua, followed by commendation for what each congregation has done well. However,….. 5 of the congregations had something fundamentally wrong with them, and Yeshua sends His letters through Yochanan John to get them back on track. This is a subject we should all be meditating and praying on during this lock down.

The Ecclesia in Ephesus had forsaken its 1st love. The congregation had allowed other interests to take priority over their love for G-d, and Yeshua warns that this congregation would not survive if it failed to repent of this ! The congregations in Pergamum and Thyatira were both called out for allowing outside influences to sway their teaching. Pergamum had tried so hard to relate to the culture around them that it was now hard to tell the churches teaching apart from cultural beliefs. Thyatira had tolerated teaching contrary to the word of Adonai, particularly about sexuality which now made it difficult for them to stand against popular opinion. Are we seeing a correlation in churches today such as pastors saying the church is starting to evolve and we have do except some of these sexual practices such as homosexuality ?

The congregation in Sardis had started depending on its reputation instead of messiah and was a dying out because of it. They thought others would be drawn to their good deeds and appearance of vitality, but Yeshua warns Sardis that it had grown detached from Him, the source of life. Finally, The congregation in Laodicea was ” Neither hot nor cold” Revelation 3 verse 16, Meaning complacency and Luke warmness had replaced firm conviction, while their material wealth kept them ignorant of their spiritual poverty. In the case of this congregation I really want to impress upon the entire chapter of Matthew 25. The chapter begins with a parable teaching on how to use the money given by our Creator….but we see what happens to the one who hoards it and buries it…. the chapter does not end there it goes on to show us why we are given and then we are allowed to multiply….. It is not just for our gain and comfort !

Unfortunately, we are often not surprised when an older congregation or church experiences problems like these and fades into obscurity, but the Congregations in these letters were still relatively young !! They had only been around for a generation or two, They had lost their vitality after being sidetracked by other things. This is a sobering reminder for churches synagogues any congregation that believes in the redemption of Yeshua/ Jesus… as well as for our own walk personal walk with our Messiah ! It is easy to begin ministry with G-d passionately, but that passion can quickly fade if years of the daily grind and spiritual warfare slowly shift our attention from the center of our attention…. The only true Master of Torah….Yeshua/ Jesus.

Yeshua’s solution is simple ; Stop what we are doing, Review, Remember, Repent and Revive. To continue in the path that made us lose our 1st love is spiritually destructive !! It is healthy for both congregations and the people with in them,…. because the people are the eklesia…. to regularly re evaluate whether our priorities align with the Word of Elohim. And this is something that we are able to do more easily if we fully grasp and understand the purpose of the biblical feasts ! Especially the 4th commandment Keeping the proper Sabbath Holy and Set apart and sanctified. This spiritual element is vital, otherwise, we are simply rearranging furniture. When we connect with the mind of Adonai and listen for His Voice, He will reveal where our priorities have shifted, as He did with the congregations in Revelation, Revitalizing our ministries and centering our lives back on Him ….. This is done by a complete turn around 180゚ back to Torah….. Which in Hebrew means instruction…. The Spirit that dwells inside of us gives us instruction if we have the proper ear to hear !! Remember true repentance is not saying you’re sorry…. it’s turning back….. turning around and running back to our heavenly Father.

Our prayer
Heavenly Father…. Help me look deep within myself to see where I have prioritized other things over my love for You. Let me hear Your voice and be moved by Your convictions.
Thank You Adonai Amein

The Congregations in Revelation

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