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The New School Term Begins

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Good morning from Nairobi Kenya, the children of Nema Mercy orphanage are thanking all of you for helping with the deposits towards the school fees for this school term.
We are still needing donations to help with the remainder of the school fees for this term, we also need help with school supplies. And this also reaches out to some families who are extremely impoverished and can’t afford to send their children to school especially around the farming communities near the villages in Nakuru, as we are continuing with a large outreach in this area.
We are also planning to try and travel to these villages next week and bring supplies; warm blankets, medicines. We need to physically get there so we can pinpoint and prioritize which of the greatest needs we can try and meet. None of these is possible unless we have partners like you, we need prayer warriors to stand in the gap with us asking Adonai to open the hearts and minds of people to obey the command that we care for the widows and orphans.
We are so grateful, humbled and honored that Adonai has been so faithful to bring such beautiful hearts into our midst and partner with us, it has truly been miraculous these last six years.
We pray that Adonai continue to bless this Ministry, and bless those who have partnered with us, working together to build His Kingdom here on earth.
Baruch Hashem.

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