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We got School fees for Agape OVC…Second Term

Good evening, everyone a very brief update on where we are at Agape OVC in Uganda.

First is to thank everyone of you who in one way or another came through to raise school fees for the second term at Agape OVC in Uganda.

We have been able to raise a considerable amount to cater for the school fees and other school supplies and we are here with a praise report that all is done now.

We now need to raise $700 for more chickens and feed for the poultry project we just started.

On the lighting project we had highlighted on our previous post, we still need $600 to get this new lighting systems installed.

Still at Agape OVC, we are still looking up to get them a Freezer, we will need $800 to make this possible. This appliance will do much good here, as its with Gathaithi OVC currently, to help in preserving food and other perishables. It will even be better now that they’re growing their own veggies. We also sometimes buy chunks of meat to cut down on the cost, but this is proving a challenge because we don’t have any way of preservation.

Kindly see the need in this and help us raise this amount. Also, consider becoming a regular partner today. For more information, kindly visit our website

Once again, Thank you to all of you who are walking this noble course together with us, we are changing lives…one day at a time. Be Blessed.

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