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28th April General Update…School Fees and Lighting Project

Good evening everyone… first is to thank all of you for your continued support. We are so grateful; we just got a Keyboard for our new Ministry Outreach – Good News Fellowship. We are looking to having more Ministry Programs with them and we shall keep you updated on the same.

We also now having the school fees for the second term beginning 8th May sorted out. We send our hearts out to all who made this possible. Thank you and God bless you.

Onto our next project, we now need to do the Lighting as we had highlighted on our previous posts. The current ones are old and a looming hazard, it poses a great danger.

Having assessed the complete replacement of the old wiring, we will need $1200 to do this. We are kindly appealing to our partners to come through on this.

For our Uganda Orphanage, (Agape OVC) we still fundraising for the School fees, we need $1500 for the Tuition fees, Replacement of the school uniforms for those that are worn out and other school supplies. Also, we have school fees arrears amounting to $800.

More so, we are looking to get them to get them a Freezer as we had highlighted before. We need another $800 on this.

If we can get this before the School reopens, we will be more than grateful. Help us do this, consider facilitating on this and help change a life. Remember all your donations go direct to the need. For our partners who need the receipts for proof of this, we will gladly send them out. As for the pictorial and video evidence of the projects we are doing on these orphanages, find them right herein on our website.

Thank you and God bless.

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