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19th Dec ’23: Our Current NEEDS: $2500 for the Girls Dormitory Room Extension…$350 for Elizabeth School Registration, School Fees, Uniform and School Supplies.19th Dec ’23: Our Current NEEDS: $2500 for the Girls Dormitory Room Extension…

Greetings from Agape OVC here in Uganda. Here is brief update on our progress and our current pressing needs…

We just received a new girl (Elizabeth) who is in desperate need of help, she was brought in by her aunt and when we listened to her misery, we decided to give her shelter, sponsor her education and other needs until she can be able to fend for herself. Her Dad died three years ago and she was living under the care of her aunt who is also living in abject poverty. She was overwhelmed and decided to come to us for help. We couldn’t turn her away.

It’s in light of this that we are appealing for partners who can contribute in every little way to fund her education…She will be joining Form One come next Year and we therefore need to get funds for her High School Registration, School Fees, TextBooks, Uniforms and other School supplies. Of course, there will be other miscellaneous payments that comes with joining High School. We are therefore looking at $350 to enable us sponsor Elizabeth, at least for a start until she settles in school.

Another challenge that we are now facing is an additional dormitory room for the girls. They were already squeezed before and adding the new girl meant us getting an extra bunk bed. They are now so badly squeezed.

We need to free up the dormitory room by getting a 10 by 10 extension room. We are quoting this at $2500. This amount is inclusive of building materials, labour and other logistics that will come with it. Help us do this, the congestion currently here isn’t healthy.

So here is the breakdown for our current needs –

$2500 for the Girls Dormitory Room Extension…

$350 for Elizabeth School Registration, School Fees, Uniform and School Supplies.

Consider becoming a committed partner today; we really need more partners – Kindly go through our website, you can find any of the areas you would be interested in being part of. To channel your support, find the DONATE buttons on the website or you can always reach out for any help.

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