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We are grateful to God for giving us another day as we are here alive and healthy this morning preparation day. Baruch Hashem Adonai

We will begin by thanking everyone this week that has helped out and made everything possible.

We have reached our goals for this week…. And once again so much is being accomplished, especially at Gathaithi Orphanage in Kenya.

 But for the next few months we are directing and focusing all of our attention on Agape Children’s Home in Uganda.

As you all know we have 2 properties – one is for agriculture and crops… And the other property has the main buildings – Living quarters, Storage rooms, Toilet and Bathing rooms, Dining Hall and Kitchen….

It is this property that the landlord who is aging wants to sell to us.

He wants to make sure that the children will always have a place because if he passes the property gets left to his children and they may want to sell the property,  and then we would have to move.

Right now, we are working out a deal with him –

We have a $1000 to put for deposit….

The total purchase price for the property is $12300…

That leaves us with a balance need of $11300…

The landlord is willing to take another $2800 down…And give us 24 months to pay the balance of $8500

And by the way this is with no interest!

Baruch Hashem!!!

SO RIGHT NOW, WE ARE FUNDRAISING FOR $2800 so we can purchase and secure this land for Agape Childrens Home Uganda.

My brother-in-law will be traveling to Uganda next week to sit down with the landlord and get everything worked out.

To donate you can go to the numerous DONATE buttons on this website and channel in your contributions for this Fundraise. Feel free to share the Website Address to Family and Friends –

 You can also donate directly through PayPal at –

THE SECOND THING that we are fundraising for is Gathaithi Orphanage Nairobi

As you can see, we have upgraded most of all the plumbing for this orphanage – The Boys’ Dormitory Bathrooms have all new toilets, new plumbing including all new drain system

We now need to do the same thing to the girl’s dormitory washroom…

For this we will need a total of $1400…

And we are praying that we can get to work on this very soon…

Once again you can donate through the website at….

Or you can go directly to our PayPal at….

Thank you so much for your support….

But most of all we really need your prayers….

Because what’s most important is that we need to know that we are doing God’s Will…

Because it has to be His Will …and not our own….

Baruch Hashem Adonai

Have a wonderful and blessed preparation day

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