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7th December Update: Our current need for Agape OVC – Uganda: Cookers and School Fees/Uniforms/Supplies for the New Academic Year –

Greetings from Agape OVC – Uganda…Here is a brief update to keep you on the know with our progress here. The going is fairly good, we thank all our committed partners who in one way or another do so much to see us up and running.

As for now, we have an urgent appeal for 2 Gas Cookers for this Orphanage, they have been using Firewood as their only mode cooking, it’s working good but not without its share of frustrations especially during the rainy seasons like now. Getting firewood is also an uphill task sometimes. We are requesting for $1000 to help us on this. The amount is also inclusive of getting them some few crockeries and cutleries, some few freezer storage containers. We are also looking to get some woodcutting saws and axes for chopping firewood.

Another urgent need is $700 for school fees. This is also something we need to get before the start off of the new academic year. The amount includes school fees, school supplies and school uniforms depending on what we will get from this appeal. Kindly contribute to this noble course.

Those are our two urgent needs for now. Last is a dire call to all our partners, we really need more partners to help us out with the weekly supply of basic needs. It’s an area we struggle so much with. If we can get 20 people to put up a commitment of $20 a week, running of these Orphanages would be a whole lot easier and smooth for us.

Consider becoming a committed partner today; we really need more partners – Kindly go through our website, you can find any of the areas you would be interested in being part of. To channel your support, find the DONATE buttons on the website or you can always reach out for any help.

Baruch Hashem.

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