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8th November: Thank you all…We have received our Bibles, Crayons, Markers and other stationeries…

Greetings to all our partners and friends; here is a brief update from Agape Orphanage here in Uganda. We just received our bibles and the kids are more than just excited, getting to study the word of God from their individual, personal Bibles was a far-fetched dream. We are so happy that this has come to realization. Thank you to all partners who channeled their funds to make this possible. We can never be more grateful.

We also received some crayons, markers and other few stationeries to aid kids with artistic talents here; which as it happens, we have several of them. Thank you so much…!

Now to our other pressing current needs – we are in desperate need of $620 balance for school fees, school supplies and other miscellaneous expenses to keep these kids in school.

We are also in need of $500 to cater for Uniforms for the new Academic Year after these Festive Holiday. We are mobilizing for funds now for the earliest preparation, to sew the uniforms and to also avoid last minute rush.

Feel free to channel your support; you can always donate on the donation buttons at the different segments on the website.

We still need more partners to help with the supply of Weekly Basic needs…Consider becoming a regular partner today.

Thank you and God bless…

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