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13th September Update – We have completed the Solar Power Upgrade at Agape OVC in Uganda – Onto our next project –

Good morning everyone, here is a brief update on the current, completed and future projects in our Orphanages…

We are so happy we just completed the Solar Power Upgrade at Agape OVC in Uganda. It’s a project we really had to do to increase the power here. We had acquired a deep freezer earlier and we couldn’t plug it in with the initial power but everything is now powered and the Freezer is working perfectly.

The upgrade we have just done has stabilized the power. If we will get more appliances in future, then there will be no issue with the power supply.

Still at Agape OVC, the short rains period is now here and we are doing some gardening to grow vegetables. We however need your hand on this, we need a few gardening supplies including Manure, Vegetable seedlings and Gardening tools. We are really in need of $400 to get us doing this. As we have always aspired, we are looking to make these Orphanages as self sufficient as possible; cutting down on the costs of weekly basic needs is one way to do this.

Also in Uganda, we are looking forward to putting up a dry wall ceiling soon just like we did at Gathaithi OVC – Kenya. We need $3000 for this particular project and we will really appreciate your hand on this.

The stated amount is inclusive of getting the dry walls (Gypsum), the Framings, Taping, Sanding and Painting work and any other costs that will be incurred in doing this, including the Labour costs. We will be giving more updates on the same.

We have attached some videos herein of the recent completed project here at Agape OVC – The Power Upgrade. Kindly go through our website and find anything you would love to chip in on. Your prayers and support will go a long way.

You can always channel your donations on the different Donate buttons on the Website or contact us for any help.

Baruch Hashem.

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