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14th June 2023 Agape OVC, Uganda: Medical Funds Drive…

Good afternoon everyone, an update of the current and very urgent need at Agape OVC in Uganda…

We are in desperate need of Medical Funds to facilitate medication that often, we are in dire need of. We have been really struggling on this front – getting a Medical Kitty to cater for the same whenever we need to take a child to the hospital.

Only this morning that we have again realized how much this Medical Funds kitty will be so necessary and will do more than good in the future. We have had to rush one child to the hospital as he was down with malaria, something that is a frequent occurrence. We have attached the video of the sick boy in hospital on this update.

If we can get more partners to drive this medical fund, then it will be a lot easier to run these Orphanages as we will not be in a dilemma whenever a child falls sick.

As for now, we are in an urgent fix to get $500 to run the medical kitty, though temporarily this will do good until we can get partners who are willing to stand in the gap on this one. Kindly consider becoming one today.

Another oncoming on our to-do-list here at Agape OVC is getting them a Freezer, they don’t have any home appliance for now but we are looking to start with a Freezer to help them preserve perishables like vegetables and meat. It will do them so much good if we get one for them. We need $800 for this.

Kindly be part of this, and help in transforming the lives of these children.

Check our website on the Ugandan Section for the projects we are doing here, the supply of basic needs and whatever it’s you feel burdened to fund, you are more than welcome.

Thank you and God bless you.

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