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19th April 2023, A General Update: Getting a Keyboard for Good News Fellowship, Lighting Installations and 2nd Term School Fees for Gathaithi OVC.

Hello everyone, here is a general update on our current needs, our upcoming projects and our aspirations going forward for our Orphanages and the Ministry’s Outreach Work.

Currently, we are still fundraising for Pastor Moses Mwirigi’s Good News Fellowship Church to help them get a keyboard for their rigorous Ministry and Outreach work. Good News Fellowship Church is a Bible Based Church inclined on Teachings and Ministerial Work…It’s located in the poor slums of Nairobi, an impoverished part that is densely populated. It’s here that Pastor Moses does his Outreach and Ministry work…

For this, we are looking to coming through for him and help him get a Keyboard, it’s been hard for him and this is why we have decided to chip in. I do go there to do Teachings once in a while and I can tell you it’s not easy, especially in such an impoverished community…

For this, we are not only looking to get them a Keyboard but grow their Ministry Work in all ways possible we can. On this we are looking to fundraise $1700…This amount will be inclusive to get them a Keyboard, plastic tables and chairs to do the outreach work and 2 barbeque grills for our feeding programs. This will just be the beginning of our Outreach work here. We are looking to have more partners on this. Kindly consider becoming one today.

At Gathaithi OVC, we still have to do the lightings, as you are all aware, we now have everything in place for our Solar Power Project. We are now looking to get them the necessary lighting on walkways, Security lights that are sensor enabled, we also need to install new lights in the Toilets and Bathrooms. We will also look into any other area that is poorly lit and needs some Lighting. On this, we will need $1400.

Still, for Gathaithi OVC, the children are now closed for the Holidays. Once they open, we are going to need school fees. We are looking at $1600 on this. This is inclusive of the school fees, tuition fees and other school supplies. Kindly help us reach out to as many partners as possible to make it easy for us to keep these children in school.

To all who see the need and always share in our good will for these children, we can never be more grateful. God Bless You.

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